Planting instructions  freesia

Freesia corms can be planted in the Dutch climate from mid-March to end-May. Because the freesia is sensitive to frost, it is not advisable to plant them earlier.

The freesia corms can be planted in the garden or in, for example, planters on the terrace or balcony. It is important that the corms are planted about 7 cm deep. The normal planting distance is 5-7 cm.

  • Make a hole in the soil
  • Put the corm (s) in it with the roots down (the tip up)
  • Put back ground and push
  • Sprinkle with water for a good connection between the roots and the soil

Within two weeks, the plants will appear above the ground. The freesias need to get enough light. Half shade / half sun is the best place. Do the freesias grow very tall and do they give a lot of leaves? Then the plants are probably in a place with too much shade and too litte sunlight. You can carefully shorten the leaves 5-10 cm with scissors or a knife, without breaking the stems.

Water the freesias regularly. Keeping the soil moist is especially important during periods of prolonged dry weather.

Depending on the planting date, the freesias will start to flower from 1 July and you can enjoy color and fragrance in your garden. When there is  a long period of higher temperatures after planting, the freesias may bloom later.